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Hello and welcome,
My name is Gary Siliven and I am the president of Gary’s Upholstery Products LLC. I have 37 years experience in owning and operating our upholstery business as a professional furniture upholsterer.

Mission Statement
Since Feb 2000 when our site was first published to the web, our goal has been to provide professional tools and materials to the do-it- yourselfer and businesses at discounted prices, as well as provide upholstery knowledge and assistance to our customers.

Please Email Me if you have any questions about your upholstery project or questions pertaining to the use of the tools and materials on our site. Also, please feel free to Email Me for any type of upholstery assistance such as calculating the amount of yardage needed or determining the type of poly foam needed for a project.

If your question is more involved than submitting it via email, you can also call our toll free number 888-294-9919. If I am not available when you call and another employee cannot help you, please leave your name and telephone number and I will call your back ASAP.

Hope you have fun and enjoy your upholstery project!

Thank you,

Gary Siliven



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