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Automotive Upholstery and Supplies

Boat Upholstery

We carry a wide variety of automotive upholstery products to help you protect your automotive investment. All products are first line quality; we carry no seconds or discontinued products. Check out our complete line of upholstery fabric, marine vinyl and marine upholstery products. We also carry upholstery foam and all types of upholstery supplies.

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Automotive Upholstery Vinyls

A large selection of upholstery vinyl for automotive and many other upholstery uses.

Boltaflex/Nautolex Vinyls
Boltaflex / Nautolex vinyls are another large selection for automotive as well as other upholstery uses.

Foam Backed Vinyl
1/4" foam backed expanded weight vinyl suitable for headliner, door panels, etc.

Pleated Vinyl
The pleated vinyl uses Dacron as the pleating material, and can be used for seat covers, door panels, and other automotive projects where pleating is called for. All vinyl is 54" wide, marine treated and fade resistant.

Camouflage 420 Nylon/Vinyl
Camouflage nylon face with vinyl backing for multiple automotive uses.

Tonneau Cover Vinyl
Our Tonneau Cover Vinyl is dimensionally stable and easily cleaned. It has exceptional tear strength, is marine treated as well as UV stable.

Automotive Carpet and Flooring

Automotive Carpet
Our automotive Carpet is a very high quality 100% Olefin pile. The backing is rubberized for direct glue down installation, and is water, gas, and oil resistant.

Automotive Headliner
Our automotive headliner is 100% nylon face with a 1/4" polyfoam backing.

Automotive Trunk Liner
Original equipment auto trunk lining.

Other Automotive Products

Upholstery Foam - Polyfoam
Upholstery foam for automotive seats, headliners and door panels.

Leather Hides
Large line of leather upholstery hide for automotive and other upholstery uses.

Premade Vinyl Embossed Welt Cording
Available in assorted colors, sold in cut yardage, for use in automotive, marine, and other upholstery projects.

Hidem Vinyl Trim
Available in assorted colors, sold in cut yardage, for use in automotive, marine , and othe upholstery projects.


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