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Marine Carpet

$29.99/yard weight: See note about shipping weight

Looking for a marine carpet that will withstand the elements over time.  Our Marine Carpet is made of very high quality 100% Olefin, 18 oz. pile carpet. The backing is rubberized for direct glue down installation, and is water, gas, and oil resistant.

Olefin's advantages are its strength, colorfastness and comfort, stain, mildew, abrasion and sunlight resistance, and good bulk and cover.  These marine carpet fibers have low moisture absorption, but they can wick moisture and dry quickly. Olefin is abrasion, stain, sunlight, and chemical resistant. It does not dye well, but has the advantage of being colorfast. Because Olefin has a low melting point, textiles can be thermally bonded. The fibers of Olefin have the lowest static of all manufactured fibers and a medium luster. One of the most important properties of olefin is its strength. It keeps its strength in wet or dry conditions and is very resilient.

A regular program of routine maintenance procedures will greatly aid in the appearance retention and wearability of this marine carpet.  Use a cleaning solution of warm water and household detergent. Soak carpeting for approximately 5 mins. then rinse with clean water. If stubborn stains occur, a broom or soft bristle brush should be used to GENTLY brush the stained areas to assist in lifting the stain. Then repeat detergent cleaning procedure.

The available colors and width of fabric are as follows:

Royal Blue


Marble Grey


Gulf Blue










All prices listed are per yard (1 yd. min. order per cut). We provide only First Line Quality, No Seconds, No Discontinued fabric. This Marine Carpet comes in 72" wide rolls.

A 1 yard order would be 36" up the roll and 72" wide.
A 10 yard order would be 10 yards up the roll and 72" wide.

NOTE: Due to the size (72" width) on this product, all orders from 1 yard to 8 yards must use the 70 lb. (oversized) shipping weight. Please Contact Us for shipping price on orders over 8 yds.

We do, upon request, supply free samples for hand feel purposes only. We take great care to see that most of the print is represented here in picture form. Because of time and material expense, we limit the amount sent to a max. of 4 small samples. Under no circumstances can we send samples large enough to see the entire print for free. Please see our Disclaimer concerning the colors of the samples provided on this page. For requesting samples, please see our Request Page. For purchasing, please go to our Ordering Page.

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