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Marine Flooring - Nautolex

If you are looking to replace the vinyl on your boat, building, dock or deck, then you have come to the right place. Gary’s Upholstery Products is dedicated to providing a superior selection of marine flooring for all your vinyl needs. Protecting your equipment from water, mildew or ultra violet light starts with selecting a marine grade vinyl. The marine flooring that Gary’s Upholstery Products carries is a marine grade vinyl that is specifically formulated for outdoor and marine applications. The bottom line is that it will protect your equipment from water, oils or any type of mildew that may occur.

The three types of marine flooring that we offer are:

For the past several years these three different types of marine flooring have been installed in many different OEM and after market applications. We are here to provide you with the best selection of marine flooring for the most affordable price.

Is it time to repair or remodel the marine flooring in your watercraft? If so, then choose from our many different selections of vinyl flooring to custom fit your needs. Marine flooring is an ideal choice for protecting your outdoor equipment that may be exposed to the elements.

Gary’s Upholstery Products recognizes that installing vinyl flooring for the first time may be difficult. If you have successfully installed vinyl before, then you have the option to buy our products and do it yourself. If you experience installation difficulties, you may want to contact a professional installer in your area.

Check out our other marine products including marine upholstery, marine vinyl, marine hulliner, marine headliner, and marine upholstery foam. Contact us today and start protecting your equipment with our top-of-the-line products!


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