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Gary's Upholstery Products LLC offers variety of boat upholstery products to help you maintain and improve the appearance of you boating. All products are first line quality; we carry no seconds or discontinued products. Check out our complete line of automotive upholstery, upholstery fabric and marine upholstery products. We also carry upholstery foam and all types of upholstery supplies.

Marine Vinyl | Marine Grade Vinyl

Marine vinyls must be built to withstand moisture, hot sun and exposure to the elements. Naugahyde products specifically designed for boat upholstery applications are All American, Dolphin, and Surfside.

Nautolex Marine Vinyls
Boltaflex / Nautolex marine grade vinyls are especially designed for outdoor and marine upholstery use. Boltaflex has been coated with PreFixx protective finish, designed to be cleaned easily, over and over without showing signs of wear.

One of North America's leading manufacturers of decorative vinyl upholstery fabrics. Morbern vinyl is produced in a broad range of patterns and colors for residential, office, automotive, RV and marine upholstery uses.

Enduratex™ is high quality vinyl suitable for residential, commercial, marine, industrial and other upholstery uses.

Foam Backed Vinyl
1/4" foam backed expanded weight vinyl suitable for marine vinyl applications. Foam backed vinyl is often used for marine headliner.

Jetstream Metallic Vinyl
Jetstream has a metallic finished look.

Sea Mark
Sea Mark™ exterior grade, waterproof marine fabric. 60" wide fabric, applications include boat tops, boat covers, auto convertible tops, tire covers, Tonneau covers, etc.

Pleated Vinyl
The pleated vinyl uses Dacron as the pleating material, and can be used for all types of upholstery projects where pleating is called for. All vinyl is 54" wide, marine treated and fade resistant.

Marine Fabrics

Herculite laminated fabrics are ideal for marine fabric applications and are produced in a comprehensive Range of styles, weights, colors, finishes and physical properties. They are available in standard stock as well as custom Formulated or custom finished varieties that can be developed and manufactured to specification. We currently carry two types of Herculite®:, Herculite® 20 and Herculite® 80.

Crypton® upholstery fabric repels spills for care free living. Crypton® is available in beautiful styles and colors. Crypton® upholstery fabric is moisture resistant and has excellent antibacterial properties. This fabric is excellent for inside cabin applications.

Sunbrella®Brand Fabric
100% solution dyed acrylic fabric.

Textilene and Sunsure Textilene
Textilene is a vinyl mesh material used for outdoor cushions and marine sunshades. High strength SUNSURE TEXTILENE® brand fabric is specially formulated of yarns developed to withstand fading, mildew, soiling and wear and tear for many years of outdoor use. With an excellent shade factor of up to 92%, SUNSURE TEXTILENE® fabric is the choice for umbrella and awning applications.Both products are 54" wide. Visit our Marine Upholstery page to see other marine boat products.

Other Marine Products

Premade Vinyl Embossed Welt Cording
Available in assorted colors, sold in cut yardage, for use in automotive, marine, and other upholstery projects.

Hidem Vinyl Trim
Available in assorted colors, sold in cut yardage, for use in automotive, marine , and othe upholstery projects.



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