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Naugahyde is a vinyl coated fabric so versatile that you'll find it in almost every seating application imaginable. In the home, Naugahyde is used for chairs, recliners, sofas, bar stools and a variety of other seating applications. It is also a excellent fabric for commercial applications.

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Naugahyde samples are available for you upon request. See our Request Page on the various ways to order samples. Because of time and material expense, we limit the amount sent to a max. of 4 small samples. We also provide quantity pricing on all styles.

All Naugahyde is 54” wide.
(1 yd. min. order per cut)

Select a link below to see a sample chart of that style.

All American Marine Treated

Nauga-Soft Marine Treated

Allure Marine Treated

Neochrome III Marine Treated

Bellingham Marine Treated


Bourbon Street

Rogue II

Burkshire Marine Treated

Spirit Millenium Marine Treated

Chamea II Marine Treated


Dolphin Marine Treated

Surfside Marine Treated

English Pub Marine Treated

Twilight Marine Treated

Expressions Marine Treated

Universal Marine Treated

Marblestone Marine Treated

Zodiac Glitter Vinyl

NaugaLeather Marine Treated

Commercial Applications

Health Care
Because Naugahyde products are so easy to keep clean, the health care industry uses it in various areas of hospitals, nursing homes, doctor's offices and anywhere sanitation is important.

It is consistently meets and beats the tests of durability and cleanability requirements required by restaurants, hotels, casinos, and airports, cruise liners and almost anywhere someone sits.

It is excellent for withstanding moisture, hot sun and exposure to the elements, which is required for vinyl coated fabrics used in Marine applications. Several Naugahyde products meet these requirements.

Because it is so versatile, it can be found almost anywhere in the office. Any office facility is enhanced by Naugahyde's bright cheerful colors and patterns.

Recreational Vehicle
It stands up to the rugged tests that RV owners put their vehicles through, including rain, snow, sleet, hot sun. Naugahyde gets high grades on these tests.

The transportation industry is a primary user. It is frequently the industry standard for trains, planes, heavy-duty trucks and automobiles.

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