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Top Quality Vinyl Material from Gary's Upholstery

We offer a wide variety of vinyl material for commercial, home, industrial, and marine use. Below is an explanation of the vinyls we offer and information on their intended use.

Most Popular Vinyl Coated Material

Morbern Marine Vinyl

Boltaflex® Vinyl

Enduratex Marine Vinyl

Naugahyde Vinyl Fabric
All Naugahyde vinyl fabric is Marine Treated and can be used for outdoor upholstery applications, such as boat Seats. This Part of the vinyl fabric line is UV Stable, and Mildew Treated. It can also be used for interior upholstery projects as well as the remainder of the Naugahyde line.

Boltaflex / Nautolex Vinyl
The Boltaflex line is for inside Home and commercial upholstery applications. The Nautolex part of this vinyl material line is for Marine, outdoor, upholstery application, and can be used for interior upholstery applications as well such as home and commercial upholstery.

The Nautolex flooring, is used for the flooring and Decking of boats. This is not made for other upholstery uses, as are our other vinyl products. Nautolex Marine Vinyl Headliners are used for Boat headliners and are Marine treated.

Morbern Vinyl
Our entire line can be used for outdoor, and Marine upholstery, as well as indoor home and commercial use.

Enduratex Vinyl
Complete vinyl fabric line can be used for Marine, Outdoor, as well as interior Home and Commercial upholstery use

Other High-Quality Vinyls

Pleated and Foam Back Vinyl

Herculite # 80 and # 20

Tonneau Cover Vinyl


Crocodile Vinyl
This is a unique pattern upholstery vinyl fabric for interior applications, in Home, commercial and Auto upholstery

Herculite # 80, and # 20
These are a tarp type material and has many exterior applications, such as boat tops, and mooring covers.

Pleated and Foam Back Vinyl
This is called our Vanguard X collection, and is available in Pleated, Foam Backed and Plain Vinyl. All are Marine treated . The Pleated Is normally used for Seat or back upholstering . The Foam Back is used for boat ceiling or wall covering. The plain can be used for most any upholstery application.

Tonneau Cover Vinyl
This is 78’’ wide vinyl material, normally used for pick up truck Tonneau covers.

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